Things I've worked on, on the side

I've worked on lots of side projects, but a few of them have stuck around. Sadly I cannot showcase the more impressive ones, as they are usually done for a client, but here are some of the smaller ones I've done for myself.

  • Loremoji

    Once upon a time, I needed to generate large volumes of placeholder text, but also needed to validate that the project we were working on properly supported multi-byte characters. So I built this tool to generate random text sequences, with emojis sprinkled throughout.

  • Emoji Divider App

    Yes, another emoji app, I know. During the pandemic, we started doing estimation session over Zoom chat, and for fun we would put a string of emojis between our estimation rounds to keep things organised. This was fine on MacOS, but after moving to Linux, the emoji picker was... lacking. So I built this tool to help us out.

  • Learn to code

    During my time at Catapult, I ran workshops to help non-dev coworkers learn the fundamentals of HTML, JS, and CSS. The goal was to help introduce them to coding in an accessible way, but I also learned a lot about teaching, and how to structure educational content.

  • Flow Writer

    This is a work in progress, but I am building a tool to help me with flow writing. I like the idea of just dumping my thoughts and then stashing them away, and that is the idea behind this site.